Harsh Wardhan


Harsh Wardhan, a life dedicated to Bansuri Flute

Harsh Wardhan has been studying North Indian Classical (Hindustani) music with such great masters as Shri Prakash Saxena, Shri Prakash Wadhera, Pt. V.C Maudgalya and Shri Vasant Thakar. Furthermore, he is one of the few who share their art with others. He has been teaching the art of playing the Flute for years together; earlier at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, the biggest Music College of India, and now at his own International Bansuri Academy, since 2004. Musicians from all over the world come to Delhi to learn the nuances of bansuri and Hindustani music from him. He has taught Flute at the World Music Department of Rotterdam Conservatorium in the Netherlands as a Visiting Guest Teacher from 1990 to 1992.

Harsh Wardhan is a world renowned bansuri maker. He makes flutes for the all the great flautists, and all serious students of this art. You are welcome to visit his personal website :

Bansuri crafting

Crafting a bansuri requires a lot of patience, a perfect sense of hearing and a deep musical knowledge, because the flute must be tuned to perfection. The bamboo itself needs to be selected with care for its quality and beauty, and must be seasonned correctly before being crafted into a flute.